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When you’re ready to upgrade the look, quality, and function of your home, get in touch with Marcus Moore Plaster Restoration. We specialize in home improvement in Lititz, PA, specifically plaster molding creation and repairs. The addition of creative and well-constructed plaster molding is a great way to improve the beauty of any room and increase home value prior to a sale. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs or design ideas with our plastering company.

Elegant and Durable Plaster Moldings

Molding serves a variety of uses ranging from functional to decorative. Functional molding examples include baseboards to protect your walls from vacuum cleaners and foot traffic, while decorative molding includes “ceiling roses” that provide a stunning accent to light fixtures and decorative architraves that surround doors and windows. No matter what type of plaster molding you need, our plastering company has the skills, equipment, and creativity necessary to create and install it. Whether you have a specific design in mind or you’re open to ideas, our team will help create a plaster molding style that suits your needs perfectly.

New Additions or Restoration of Historic Molding

In the past, plaster molding was often very intricate and extensive in larger homes or public buildings. From decorative door and window moldings to ceiling roses that accented chandeliers and dining areas, there were many types and styles of plaster moldings that added significant beauty and value to historic homes. Our team specializes in restoring these pieces of history as well as other historical features so you can enjoy the rich history of your property the way it was decades or even a century or more ago. If you own a Victorian home, restoring the decorative and crown moldings is a great way to increase the home’s value. Allow our designers and technicians to examine worn, broken, or covered crown and decorative molding features and determine the best way to repair or restore them to improve the beauty and value of your home.

About Our Company

At Marcus Moore Plaster Restoration, we take great pride in our work, and we’re happy to share references about our building restoration and home improvement services. Our job is to bring your structure back to life and keep history alive. This adds value to your home, office building, or other structure. We truly enjoy seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces when they see the work we’ve done, and we can’t wait to serve you as well.

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