Home Design Services Lititz PA

Homes are more than places to live. They are also a reflection of the character of a neighborhood and the times it has experienced. As such, a building is a legacy—a testament to a storied past that points to a brighter future.

If you are a homeowner with a historical property, make sure your investment continues to stand the test of time. Marcus Moore Plaster Restoration offers home restoration services in Lititz, PA. Thanks to our skill, experience, and client-first approach to service, we make it easy to attain picture-perfect results.

Century Homes Have A Story To Tell

Home restorations come with unique challenges. Older houses often have multiple renovations and additions that can make their upgrades a challenge. Where you thought there was just a wall with studs, there may be a door. The flooring may have multiple layers of different materials. We may find a closed-in fireplace you didn’t realize was there. Every period home has a tale to tell, and some are centuries long.

New builds have the benefit of a blueprint, but period homes can surprise you at every turn. From hidden closets to treasures under the floorboards, our team has seen it all. Experience is critical when dealing with the old wiring, different types of insulation, windows, and foundations. When exploring a house built before indoor plumbing became standard, there can be some surprises! Take out the guesswork and allow us to transform the space into a modern home that still retains the beauty of its past.

Possibly dozens of families have made happy memories and enjoyed celebrations in your century house. We’re here to restore it so that you can do the same. We’d love to take a home restoration journey with you and together discover the secrets of the past and create a beautiful space for generations to come.

Recreating the Splendor of Period Structures.

Historical properties require a higher standard of care and attention to detail than newer structures. Work with a company that understands the value of your investment. Our team is well-versed in historical restorations. We utilize high-quality materials, proven methods, and the latest technology to recreate the unique elements of period homes.

Our home restoration services are appropriate for projects of virtually any size. We can restore various indoor features, including baseboards, crown moldings, decorative plaster, and more.

Faithfully restoring your historic structure to its original glory, we are with you at each step. Contact us and request an estimate for our home restoration services. Our company serves clients in Pennsylvania, the DC area, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Florida.