Your Choice for Plaster Restoration & Interior Painting in Lititz, PA

Marcus Moore Plaster Restoration is known for our historic building restoration. Specifically, we perform interior painting and plaster restoration in Lititz, PA. Our technicians have been doing this work for more the four decades. We provide service for those that own older homes, farmhouses, and historic buildings in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, including New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and even Washington, DC.

Providing Exceptional Plaster Restorationn

You’re in good company when you recognize historic plaster structures as stunning and appealing. We do, too. Our technicians understand the importance of holding onto history while allowing for modern convenience. Take advantage of our services to preserve that gorgeous plasterwork for future generations. Our plaster renovations are crafted to perfection, allowing for all your upgrades while staying true to the history of your home or building.

In addition to serving as your plastering company of choice, we offer interior painting services to ensure that your finishes are historically accurate, and we use modern techniques, technology, and materials to ensure a lasting finish. We work with architects, interior designers, contractors, or directly with homeowners for the enduring beauty of these older buildings.

Plaster Restoration, Interior Painting, Lititz PA


Why Restore Your Plaster

Recapture the grandeur or a bygone era with our plastering services. We’re dedicated to bringing back the life and original look of historic structures. Let us provide you with ornamental plaster rejuvenation and decorative moldings or our technicians can restore and reproduce the existing plaster moldings. These add beauty and value to a house or public building. We like to think we’re turning outdated buildings into historical works of art.


Plaster — Intricate, Beautiful, & Durable

Stately homes and handsome public buildings often have something in common — decorative, ornamental, and architectural plasterwork on top of flat plaster walls or ceilings. This could include crown molding, medallions for chandeliers, scrollwork, floral decorations, and even fireplaces. These took shape during a time when artisanship was paramount, and buildings were made to last.

Those who built these structures left behind a legacy of craftsmanship as these homes, courthouses, and stores had former and future generations in mind. One of the indicators of longevity is one of the main ingredients in plaster — gypsum. You may be more familiar with other building materials that make use of gypsum, such as concrete and dental molds.

Preserving the Past through Craftsmanship

This beauty is well worth saving. In fact, you can repair plaster, although the more intricate the detail and worse the damage, the more you require the services of a professional. When it comes to historic building restoration, whether churches, businesses, or government buildings, our artisans are here to handle the job.

In 19th and 20th century houses, such fancy plasterwork was a sign of status. Today, it represents a commitment to history and the preservation of our past.

What Sets Us Apart

Our commitment to excellence and our extraordinary attention to detail make us the ideal choice to meet your painting and restoration needs. As we work on your house, you’ll see for yourself why so many local property owners rely on our company. Our technicians do exceptional work on every project we take on.

Our objective is a beautiful restoration with every job we do, so our expert artisans take a unique approach to plaster renovation and interior painting services. High-quality customer service makes all of the challenges a positive experience for our clients and our staff. We finish every job that we start, and our clients get superior service at affordable rates.

Contact us for beautiful plaster restorations that stay true to the historic nature of your home while ensuring room for modern conveniences. We are proud to serve property owners in Lititz, PA, and the surrounding areas.